Although I seal my work with 3 coats of UV acrylic spray upon completion, watercolors are best protected matted under glass or plexiglas. Do not place your painting in direct sunlight for extended periods to avoid fading. Yupo is extremely durable and will not tear however any painting should be handled with care during framing.

Care of Watercolor Paintings

​​​Watercolor on Yupo

So what is Yupo?

​Yupo is a very bright white synthetic paper with a slick non-absorbent surface. This surface allows water and color to flow and mix freely creating bold spontaneous paintings. The paper is archival and no trees are used in its production. My watercolors are bright, bold and direct paintings that ebb and flow. Although trained in traditional watercolor painting my obsession grew when I discovered Yupo ( originally found by painter, George James) and I was delighted by the way the color slid across the surface and stayed very vibrant, unlike traditional watercolor paper which dulls the color.  I approach my painting in a direct manner using large brushes, bold strokes, and brilliant colors allowing the paint to mingle and mix on the paper. This technique enables me to create breathtaking vistas, brilliant flowers and colorful figures. Along with color and design, I interpret rather than replicate impressions of people, places, and nature using water medias such as watercolors, inks, and liquid acrylics. 

My artistic journey is always challenging and my goal is to convey excitement in the viewer either through color, design, or texture..