A Special Place

Perhaps you have a wall but can't find that perfect piece. Why not get a commission done especially for you, with the perfect size and theme. Here my clients commissioned a painting for their Florida condo home and we had it framed to coordinate with their furniture.

Tom and Marcia:

"We love the bright colors and our painting has a prominent place right over the sofa. It was even titled especially for us."

The Entryway

Welcome your guests-Any wall can be used as an entrance that says "hello" in a unique way. Put a small console table beneath with a plant and perhaps an umbrella stand.

Laurie and Trent:

"My "Red Hot Welcome" pineapple watercolor by Susan gets compliments from everyone who comes in my front door". 

"​The Artful Home"

Chuck and Nancy:

"We have three of Susan's paintings and love their colors.This painting of the grapevines is one of my favorites and works perfectly in our breakfast area".

Let me create a special painting of your favorite place! Your can reach me on my contact page. Some examples below:

It doesn't have to match your sofa.

Adding original art to your home sets it apart and makes it uniquely yours. I know you will say, "But I don't have any more space". With twenty five years of experience as an interior designer, I would like to share with you some of the happy homes my work has gone to and perhaps help you find a place for your special peice.

Breakfast Area

 Enjoy your morning coffee- Even if you only have a small area to sit to enjoy your coffee or tea a piece of art can brighten up your day.

If you have found the perfect piece of artwork that calls to you but it doesn't match your sofa you can incorporate it into your decor by highlighting the piece on a wall alone or perhaps in that long naked hallway.

Tim, Kim and Frank:

"We have always admired Susan's work and have several of her pieces. "Victoria" was made with actual pieces of paper found on her trip to San Miguel Mexico. It is truly unique and the added texture makes ii glimmer depending on the light. Frank likes it too!"